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based cinema software

Payment methods

Provide convenient and secure payment options for customers. Get a diverse range of payment methods. From integrated payment terminals to cash payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay and loyalty and simplify and enhance your customers payment experience

Integrated payment

Simplify your payment processing and enhance customer satisfaction with our integrated payment terminal.

Theatre Payment Methods - CineSync

Cash payment

Enable smooth and accurate cash handling, providing a convenient payment option for customers who prefer to pay in cash.

Online payment

Provide a frictionless payment experience, allowing customers to enjoy a fast, secure, and convenient way to make payments using their Apple devices.

Integrate Google Pay into your payment system to provide customers with a quick and secure way to make transactions using their Android devices.

Customer loyalty

Take control of your cinema, your way!

CINEsync is a real-time all-in-one robust and flexible solution for cinemas to maximise operating.

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