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based cinema software

Managed services

Optimize and Streamline Cinema Operations with CINEsync

Ensure uninterrupted cinema operations with our 24/7 managed services support. Get assistance via email and phone, ensuring prompt solutions and reliable help for any software-related needs. Trust our dedicated support team for enhanced reliability and customer satisfaction.

24/7 365
day support

Get 24/7 managed services support for your cinema, ensuring uninterrupted operations and assistance whenever you need it, leading to enhanced reliability and customer satisfaction.

Email support

Receive help and assistance through email with our dedicated email support team, available to provide solutions and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Phone support

24/7 phone support available for all your cinema software needs, ensuring prompt and efficient assistance for any issues or inquiries.

Take control of your cinema, your way!

CINEsync is a real-time all-in-one robust and flexible solution for cinemas to maximise operating.

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