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based cinema software


Streamline cinema operations with advanced features. Manage multiple locations and screens, customise pricing, schedule showtimes, create personalised seat plans, handle reservations and orders, and analyse performance with robust reporting. Improve efficiency and enhance the movie-going experience.


Access complete control over the entire cinema chain from your headquarters with automated data flow and real-time synchronisation. Monitor key cinema operations in different areas such as schedules, sales and stock management with our comprehensive solution.

Theatre Operations Management - CineSync


Manage and operate all screens remotely. Effortlessly control multiple screens with operations such as adjusting the sound level or reformatting projector and efficiently monitor multiple screens within a single cinema location in real time.

Discounts &

Flexibility to create customised pricing structures and promotions to drive sales and increase revenue. With our comprehensive solution, you can streamline your discount management process and improve the overall efficiency of your cinema business.


Easily operate and schedule movie showtimes across multiple screens and locations. Optimise screen usage, improve operational efficiency, and easily plan and schedule a variety of movies to cater to different audiences and demographics.

Seat plan customisation

Customise your seat plans to meet the unique needs of your cinema business. Easily design seating arrangements, adjust seat types and pricing, and create a visually appealing and functional seating layout to optimise the movie-going experience for your patrons.


Create and publish custom seat plans by selecting appropriate seating arrangements and determining the number of seats.


Create seat groups and make them available for purchase in your sales channels allowing you to offer different ticket types, with varying prices and perks for customers.


flexibly manage seat availability by easily blocking specific seats or making tentative reservations for them.

Digital signage

Create, manage and display digital signage content across multiple screens in your cinema. Plan ahead with playlists to promote upcoming movies, special offers, and concessions, enhancing the immersive and interactive experience for your patrons.

Swap reservations
in bulk

Easily swap reservations in bulk and adjust seat plans accordingly with our cinema software. Streamline the process and optimise seat occupancy to provide a seamless experience for your patrons.

& orders

Efficiently manage reservations and orders with our cinema software. Keep track of customer information, preferences, and purchase history to enhance the overall experience. Streamline the process and optimise customer satisfaction.

Shift summary

Easily review and analyse key information such as sales, attendance, and staff performance for a given shift. Keep track of shift times and POS operations streamline shift changes and improve overall efficiency of the workflow.

Take control of your cinema, your way!

CINEsync is a real-time all-in-one robust and flexible solution for cinemas to maximise operating.

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