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based cinema software


Cloud theater management, sales and customer insights

Presenting our extensive array of administrative features crafted to simplify and elevate your cinema management. Streamline operations, oversee sales channels and gain valuable insights with our advanced tools

Head office management

Effortlessly oversee and manage cinema operations from headquarters. Streamline operations, access real-time data and ensure consistency across all locations for unparalleled efficiency, control and informed decision-making.

Theater Administration Software - CineSync
Dashboard & analytics

Get real-time analytics of revenue, box office and concession sales across different sales channels. Compare the performance of the cinema throughout different time spans to gain critical insights about patterns and trends of the theater.

Theater Administration Software - CineSync
Taxes & booking fees

Streamline tax configurations effortlessly for tickets and concessions, set booking or convenience fees per sales channel and automate financial calculations for precision. Enhance accuracy with region-based tax settings and automated calculations.

Sales channel management

Have complete control over how multiple sales channels operate and manage them Independently. Sell tickets online, in-person, or through third-party vendors with ease and flexibility.

Built in

Monitor and manage the built in sales channels with ease by keeping track of their activity status


Request 3rd party resellers and easily manage them through. to expand your sales channels, increase brand visibility, and ultimately boost ticket sales.

Distributor management

Manage distributors, create settlement plans, configure payment details and track distributor performances. Stay on top of your business operations and optimize your distribution strategy with ease.

Concession & inventory management

Efficiently manage your concession product categories and catalogs, keeping track of current stock levels at all cinema locations in real-time. Eliminate stock-outs and overstocking, to optimize inventory levels and provide the best service to your customers.

Material & Stocks

Manage material and stocks effectively, keep track of current stock, add new inventory, handle stock out transactions, and manage wastage efficiently. Enable or disable inventory management


Efficiently manage suppliers, create purchase orders, and streamline supply chain operations for optimal efficiency.


Categorize products, set prices and ensure availability of materials  for online and onsite sales to boost revenue opportunities.

Rate card management

Build and maintain rate cards across all cinema locations and screens with intuitive and comprehensive solutions for rate card management. Ensure high accuracy with automation of all the calculations and invoicing.

Customer loyalty management

Build customer loyalty and drive repeat business by creating and tracking customer engagement through our loyalty management system. Reward your loyal customers and increase revenue with ease.

Point based

Set up loyalty programs that reward customers with points based on their purchases or other specified actions

Tier based

Create tier-based loyalty programs with customizable reward criteria for each tier and configure the rules for earning and redeeming points.


Create and publish loyalty programs based on pre-set rules and easily monitor their performance and gain valuable insights into customer behavior.

Redeem as cash

Allow payments with loyalty points, converting loyalty into monetary value for your customer’s  purchases.

Redeem as rewards

Enable customers to redeem acquired loyalty points in exchange for ticket and concession rewards.

Membership Programs

Unlock exclusive benefits for your cinema patrons with our membership programs feature. Offer priority access, tailored rewards and special discounts, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

Annual & lifetime membership schemes

Seamless management of annual or lifetime memberships, including expiration tracking and easy renewal for continuous access to exclusive benefits.

Membership benefits for tickets & concession

Offer personalized rewards and savings for members like special member tickets, birthday free tickets and concession upgrades

Membership gift cards

Boost membership program sales and encourage enrollment with dedicated gift cards designed for membership purchases.

Gift card management

Efficiently manage your gift card program with our software. Create, publish and manage gift cards, track customer balances and streamline redemption processes. Optimize your gift card program to increase customer satisfaction and drive revenue.

Import via IMDB

Quickly and easily import and use information about any movie or event from the IMDb database. Eliminate the need for manual input and seamlessly access essential details such as descriptions, posters, cast names, and any other necessary data with just a few clicks.

Customisable web

Tailor your customers' online experience with our adaptable web application. Personalize the website to match your brand preferences, creating a unique and engaging journey for every visitor.

Custom page creation

Craft pages to suit your unique requirements of your cinema through our custom page creation feature.

Ready-to-use widgets

Access ready-to-use widgets simplifying the design process and offering the flexibility to reuse elements effortlessly.

Responsive design

Ensure a seamless experience across devices for your customers with our advanced responsive front end design designs.

Private theater rentals

Facilitate exclusive theater rentals for personal and corporate events, allowing customers to host private movie screenings or rent the property. Create a personalized cinema experience for various occasions.

Employee management

Efficiently oversee your workforce using our sophisticated employee management system, offering multi-layered user permissions. Tailor access levels based on roles and groups, ensuring precise control and optimal operational efficiency within your cinema.

User groups

Create user groups based on user types, roles, and locations to ensure secure and productive access to the system.


Assign appropriate access and permissions to ensure that each user can only perform the tasks that are relevant to their job.

Employee benefits

Create employee benefit programs offering complimentary and discounted items to enhance employee satisfaction and easily manage and track benefit usage.

Master controls

Take control with our comprehensive configuration features. Customize and manage user accounts, set up general information about your cinemas and configure security settings to optimize user experience and streamline workflows.

Language support

Ensure accessibility and connect with diverse audiences using our language localisation feature. Enhance user experience by customizing digital environments and customer interfaces for various languages.

White labeling

Utilize our white-labeling feature to seamlessly incorporate your brand into our cinema software, ensuring a personalized and cohesive experience for your customers while maintaining the power of our advanced functionalities.

Holidays & Calendar

Efficiently manage holidays and calendars with our comprehensive feature. Seamlessly incorporate holidays into scheduling, ensuring accurate planning and smooth operations throughout the year.

Take control of your cinema, your way!

CINEsync is a real-time all-in-one robust and flexible solution for cinemas to maximise operating.

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