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based cinema software

On premise tools

Box Office POS, Self-Service KIOSK & Other On-site Ticketing, Concessions, Restaurant, Gift Card Tools for Optimized Cinema Management

Improve the cinema experience with efficient tools. Simplify ticket sales, reservations, concessions and entry management. Streamline food preparation and enable self-checkout for seamless transactions.

Box office POS

Simplify the process of serving customers and completing transactions, ultimately improving the overall cinema experience with intuitive features and a user-friendly interface to efficiently manage ticket sales, reservations, seat selection, and customer database.

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On-Premise Theatre Tools - CineSync
Concession POS

Enhance customer service and transaction efficiency with an intuitive, user-friendly interface for seamless ticket sales, reservations and seat selection. Access reservation details, unblock seats and manage seat blocks directly from the Point of Sale system.

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Seat plan preview

Improve the customer experience and boost ticket sales with a seat plan review feature. Allow customers to view the cinema hall layout and available seats while booking tickets, increasing convenience and transparency.

Digital signage

Effortlessly create and schedule dynamic content across multiple screens to promote movies, special offers and concessions with playlists. Maximize the impact of advertising and create an immersive experience for your cinema-goers. On-demand content updates

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Create and schedule dynamic content seamlessly across multiple screens to promote movies, specials and concessions with playlists. Maximize advertising impact and create an immersive cinema experience. Enjoy on-demand content updates for real-time relevance.

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Kitchen & bar

Streamline food preparation and order management by digitally displaying incoming orders in real-time. This allows kitchen staff to efficiently process and fulfill orders, resulting in faster service times, improved order accuracy, and overall increased customer satisfaction.

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Enable customers to independently purchase tickets and concession items, streamlining the ticketing process and reducing wait times. With easy-to-follow prompts and secure payment options, allow customers to quickly and efficiently complete their transactions

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Take control of your cinema, your way!

CINEsync is a real-time all-in-one robust and flexible solution for cinemas to maximise operating.

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