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based cinema software


Reach your patrons with precision and impact

Craft targeted promotions and discounts aligned with customer behavior, preferences and demographics. Employ precise customer segmentation, enabling strategic campaigns tailored to specific audience segments for maximum impact and engagement.

Customer segmentation

Enhance your marketing strategy through precise customer segmentation, allowing tailored communication to specific audience groups for a more targeted approach.

Theatre Reporting System - CineSync
Push notifications

Foster continuous connection with cinema-goers through push notifications, delivering instant updates and promotions directly to their devices, ensuring heightened engagement and awareness.

Email campaign audiences

Harness the wealth of customer data based on customer actions and behaviors to intricately tailor audiences for your email campaigns.

3rd party advertisers

Seamlessly integrate third-party advertisers into your system, broadening revenue streams and expanding your cinema's promotional capabilities by leveraging external partnerships.

On-site advertising

Maximize on-site advertising impact by utilizing POS secondary displays and digital signage, effectively promoting offerings and engaging cinema-goers at on-site touch points.

Take control of your cinema, your way!

CINEsync is a real-time all-in-one robust and flexible solution for cinemas to maximise operating.

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