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May 11, 2024

The rising popularity of streaming services and the aftereffects of the covid pandemic has drastically transformed the way the public consume movies. Selling tickets and snacks at the theater doesn’t cut it anymore. Cinema exhibitors now has the challenge and the opportunity of rekindling their audiences with a novel experience of ‘going to the movies’

This is where CINEsync comes in. A relatively new but highly innovative cinema management software, facilitating cinema exhibitors to reinvent themselves in this ever changing motion picture industry. To further elaborate, the comprehensive product suite by CINEsync consists of a centralized back office, POS solution with intuitive interfaces optimized for on-premise efficiency, and a complete kitchen and bar solution integrated with the inventory.

In addition, it consists of an usherpoint solution compatible with handheld devices and mobile, an accessible and easy-to-use self service KIOSK solution, a digital signage solution with real time synchronization, and a highly customizable white label Web/iOS/Android Mobile applications.

CINEsync traces their roots back to 2016 when they developed the initial MVP for one of their enterprise customers. By 2018, CINEsync had expanded their operations to Europe. Since 2022, CINEsync has been operating as a SaaS solution, swiftly establishing their presence in the industry by acquiring customers from more than 13 countries in North America, South America, Europe, Middle-east, Far-east & Asia. CINEsync has taken advantage of their impressively diverse clientele/customers ranging from large cinema chains to independent exhibitors, to create a cinema management solution that caters to unique needs of cinema exhibitors from different demographics and regions.

CINEsync helps cinema exhibitors to create better experiences for their patrons within on-premise and online touch points. Some of CINEsync's key offerings includes onsite solution such as comprehensive back office, POS, tele sales solution, ushering solution, signage solution, self-service KIOSK, kitchen and bar operations solution, clock in solution with payroll and online solutions such as white-label web, iOS & Android mobile apps and API. CINEsync offers a multifaceted solution containing a wide array of modules designed and developed to facilitate all operational, administrative, analytical, sales and marketing aspects of cinema management.

CINEsync is upping their game and pushing boundaries of ordinary cinema softwares with many innovative features. With advanced CRM functionalities cinemas can recognize a customer and personally recommend their favorite menu item at the POS or create a tailored online experience at the web where the customer gets movie suggestions based on preferred genres, seat recommendations and offers based on past purchases, helping cinemas foster loyalty among customers and keep them coming back. CINEsync’s high-end dine in functionalities allow exhibitors to run a smooth restaurant experience on premises with features such as tab management, table reservations, delivering to seat or integrating with 3rd party delivery partners to expand the business. Harnessing the power of sales, operational and customer data CINEsync offers predictive analysis for the management of the cinema. From movie scheduling suggestions to resource planning and promotional campaign creation, CINEsync’s in-build analytics features empowers cinemas to make data driven business decisions. Additionally, CINEsync also provides comprehensive loyalty, membership, and subscription solutions, audience segmentation, stock and inventory management, marketing solutions and shift and clock-in management features.

“We take pride in delivering our clients with an unparalleled experience unlike any other cinema software. We stay ahead of the game with extensive research and iteratively developing and refining our product. Our main goal is to facilitate our clients to take their cinema experience to the next level and CINEsync is fully equipped to do so” says Ruchira Pathirana, Founder of CINEsync.

CinemaCon 2024

As an Industry leading software, CINEsync was also a part of CinemaCon 2024, one of the largest and most sought after events of the motion picture industry. CINEsync successfully showcased their latest upgrades to the product, and allowed the visitors to engage in interactive demonstrations of the product suite.

The 24/7 customer support and competitive pricing model are also central to CINEsync's success on a global scale. By extending all their customers an undivided support CINEsync has shown that they’re not just another software provider but also an empowering partnership for a business. For any cinema that’s looking to elevate their business to new heights, CINEsync has proven themselves to be the perfect solution.

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Michael Sherwood
Chief Innovation Officer

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Michael Sherwood
Chief Innovation Officer
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